Transports During The Event

Transports to and from the different event locations during the event by the event organization

Charter buses to the starts in Hetta and in Pallas

You can buy a charter bus ticket to Hetta or Pallas at the same time you register into a race or afterwards via your personal self-service link.

Charter buses to Hetta

160 km

At 9 am Lapland Hotels Saaga (Ylläsjärvi) ➞ at 9.15 am Lapland Hotels Äkäshotelli ➞ at 9.20 am Äkäslompolo’s Event Centre (Tunturitie) ➞ Hetta

55 km

At 2.30 pm Lapland Hotels Saaga (Ylläsjärvi) ➞ at 2.45 pm Lapland Hotels Äkäshotelli ➞ at 2.50 pm Äkäslompolo’s Event Centre (Tunturitie) ➞ Hetta

Drive time approx. 2 h

There are the start lines of the 160 km race and the 55 km race at Hetta.

Charter buses to Pallas

105 km

At 9.45 pm Lapland Hotels Saaga (Ylläsjärvi) ➞ at 10.00 pm Lapland Hotels Äkäshotelli ➞ at 10.05 pm Äkäslompolo’s Event Centre (Tunturitie) ➞ Pallas Nature Centre

Drive time approx. 1 h 15 min.

There is the start line of the 105 km race at Pallas.

Shuttle buses

From Pallas – The Finish of The 55 km Race

There is a free shuttle bus connection (no reservation needed) Pallas ➞ Äkäslompolo’s event centre on Sat between 01.00 am – 07.00 am.

On demand the bus will go on to Lapland Hotels Saaga (Ylläsjärvi). Please, inform the bus driver, if you need a transport to Hotel Saaga.

Max. waiting time approx. 1 h. At the most rushed hours, the buses are leaving consecutively as soon as all the seating is ready.

Drive time approx. 1 h

From Äkäslompolo’s Event Centre

On Saturday there will be a regular shuttle bus connection:

Lapland Hotels Saaga (Ylläsjärvi) ➞ Lapland Hotels Äkäshotelli ➞ Äkäslompolo’s Event Centre ➞ Lapland Hotels Äkäshotelli ➞ Lapland Hotels Saaga (Ylläsjärvi)

Drive time / Direction approx. 30 min.

Timetables and other details are here.


The event organization won’t arrange transports: Pallas ➞ Hetta, Hetta ➞ Pallas or Hetta ➞ Äkäslompolo.

You can arrive to the event centre by your own vehicle and leave it to the parking area if there is space.


The Event Centre in Äkäslompolo

Sannanrannantie 3

95970 Kolari

Municipality: Kolari

Start in Pallas

Pallastunturintie 557

99330 Pallastunturi

Municipality: Muonio

Start in Hetta

Puistomäentie 3

99400 Enontekiö

Municipality: Enontekiö