Choose the cosiest way to travel!

We can’t offer you a passenger ship connection to the event destination but there are plenty of other possibilities to arrive to Äkäslompolo’s event centre in Lapland.

Exclusive NUTS Express Train from Helsinki and waystations

First time ever we have a NUTS train connection from the capital city, Helsinki, to the event centre in Äkäslompolo village. There are certain sleeping and dining cars of the train which have been reserved only for those who are travelling to the NUTS Ylläs Pallas event.

In the NUTS Express train you can travel cosily with other trail-runners. In the dining car we serve you an evening snack and additional programs by our partners. You get to the atmosphere already on your way to the event!

From Kolari railway station there will be a charter bus connection to the event centre.


Wednesday July 10th (evening) Departure from Helsinki railway station

Thursday July 11th (morning) Arrival to Kolari railway station and a charter bus connection to the NUTS Ylläs Pallas event centre

Sunday July 14th (afternoon) departure from the event centre by a charter bus and the NUTS Express train from Kolari

Monday July 15th (morning) arrival to Helsinki railway station

You can buy tickets to the NUTS Express Train from Vetikko Travel.

NUTS Ylläs Pallas bus connection from Rovaniemi city

If you have a flight or other transport up to Rovaniemi, you will get easily to the event place by jumping in to our bus. The event bus connection takes you from Rovaniemi airport or railway station all the way to Äkäslompolo (via Ylläsjärvi, Lapland Hotels Saaga).

From Rovaniemi on Thursday July 11th

17.30 Rovaniemi railway station → 18.00 Rovaniemi airport (RVN) → 20.15 Lapland Hotels Saaga (in Ylläsjärvi) → 20.45 NUTS Ylläs Pallas event centre, in Äkäslompolo

From the event centre on Sunday July 14th

11.40 Äkäslompolo → 12.10 Lapland Hotels Saaga (Ylläsjärvi) → 14.30 Rovaniemi airport (RVN) → 14.45 Rovaniemi railway station

You can buy one-way or return ticket –depends on your plans.

The bus connection is operated by our partner Pohjolan Matka. (Scroll down their page to read in English.)

Independently by a rental car

To those who prefer to travel on their own schedule, we give a tip to check our rental car offer for the NUTS Ylläs Pallas event weekend.

Read more about Europcar’s NUTS offer.

Don’t forget to book your bus transport to the start line!

There are charter bus connections from Äkäslompolo’s event centre to both Hetta and Pallas.

You can buy a bus ticket at the same time you register into a race or afterwards via your personal registration link, which is attached to your registration confirmation email.

If you are participating the 55 km race, you will get back from the finish line in Pallas to the event center in Äkäslompolo by a free shuttle bus.

During the event there will also be shuttle buses between Lapland Hotels Saaga (Ylläsjärvi) → Event centre (Äkäslompolo) → Lapland Hotels Saaga.

NOTE: The event organization doesn’t arrange transportations between Pallas–Hetta, Hetta–Pallas or Hetta–Äkäslompolo.

All the information about transports and locations has also been gathered to the event information into a section “Getting here”. You will find the time-table of the event from the section “Race Instructions”.


Enjoy the planning of your NUTS Ylläs Pallas adventure!


© Guillem Casanova Photography