Next Event 8.–9.7.2022

NUTS Ylläs Pallas Trail Run. 8.–9.7.2022.

7.7.2024 SUNDAY
8.7.2024 MONDAY
12.00Start Of NUTS 300Njurkulahti
11.7.2024 THURSDAY
12.00–NUTS Kids & Juniors trair runÄkäslompolo
Ylläs Y1 P-alue
12.7.2024 FRIDAY
13.00Start Of 160 KMHetta
15.00Start Of 66 KM
23.00Start Of 100 KMPallas
13.7.2024 SATURDAY
05.0066 km the finish line will be closedPallas
12.00Start Of 37 KMÄkäslompolo
14.00Start Of 15 KMÄkäslompolo
18.00NUTS 300 the finish line closesÄkäslompolo
24.00160 km, 100 km, 37 km the finish line closesÄkäslompolo

Breathe the clean air, go wild in the arctic nature, enjoy the run under the midnight sun and quiet in front of the endless fell landscape. All this together with a great flock of trail running enthusiasts from all around the world. These races will be exceptional and full Lapland experiences in for sure. 

NUTS Distance 300 by Black Diamond

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160 km

The Ultimate Endurance Challenge: Embark on Finland’s only point-to-point 100-mile trail race from Hetta to Äkäslompolo. This 160 km journey traverses the entire national park, showcasing numerous fells and wilderness areas, all wrapped in the enchanting summer charm of Lapland. This dream run, made feasible with event support and aid stations, is a unique opportunity…
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100 km

Midnight Sun Ultra Magic: Starting at 23.00, this 100 km trail from Pallas to Äkäslompolo offers a mesmerizing night-time running experience under the Lapland sky. Traverse the most stunning trails and magical forest paths of the national park, supported by strategically placed aid stations and cheering crowds. Embrace the power of the bright night and…
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66 km

A Timeless Classic: The Hetta-Pallas route, one of Finland’s oldest hiking trails, is unmatched in its scenic beauty. Starting from Hetta on Friday, the route leads to Pallas, offering breathtaking views along the way. Regular bus transportation from Pallas to the event center in Äkäslompolo is included in the participation fee. 66 km Details Start…
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37 km

Lapland in a Nutshell: The third leg of the Trail Tour Finland, this race on Saturday offers a condensed experience of Lapland’s charm. The shortest route of the event, it boasts the most elevation gain, winding through the enchanting landscapes of Yllästunturi and Kesänki: arctic forests, mountain streams and lakes, trails, and boardwalks, with vistas…
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15 km

Scenic Trail Delight: This 15 km route from Äkäslompolo to Kellokas, through Pirunkuru and Kesänki, offers stunning landscapes with two aid stations along the way – one at Kesänkijärvi around 4.5 km and another near Karila at about 11.5 km. The minimum age for this race is 12 years. 15 km Details Start Event center,…
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NUTS 300

The Ultimate Lapland Ultra: Dive into the heart of Lapland’s wilderness with the NUTS 300, an ultra-endurance challenge that tests your limits against the backdrop of the region’s most breathtaking landscapes. This race is not just about distance; it’s an adventure through time and nature, where every step takes you deeper into the enchanting Lapland experience. Join us for this extraordinary journey and become part of a story that resonates with the spirit of the North.
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Entry Fees

Zoomer Run Rebate on the participation fee for those born in 1998 or later.-30%
Bus to the start Until July 1 / after19 € / 32 €
Registration changes and transfers
Registrations made from 28 November 2023 Until July 1 / after 0 € / 19 €
Registrations transferred from previous years from 29 November 2023 19 €


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