Next Event 8.–9.7.2022

NUTS Ylläs Pallas Trail Run. 8.–9.7.2022.

2.7.2023 SUNDAY
19.00–20:00Bib Pickup NUTS 300Äkäslompolo
3.7.2023 MONDAY
12.00Start Of NUTS 300Njurkulahti
5.7.2023 WEDNESDAY
12.00–NUTS Kids & Juniors MTBÄkäslompolo
Ylläs Y1 P-alue
6.7.2023 THURSDAY
12.00–NUTS Kids & Juniors trair runÄkäslompolo
Ylläs Y1 P-alue
17.00–22.00Bib Pickup Äkäslompolo
7.7.2023 FRIDAY
07.30–10.00Bib PickupÄkäslompolo
09.00Spare bagien jättö äkäslompoloon kisakeskukseen 160 km sulkeutuu (Saagasta kisabussilla tulevat voivat jättää bagit Jounin kaupan pysäkille rullakkoon)Äkäslompolo
12.00Start Of 66 KM
12.20Start Of 160 KMHetta
17.00–21.00Bib PickupÄkäslompolo
21.45Spare bagien jättö kisakeskukseen 100 km sulkeutuu (Saagasta kisabussilla tulevat voivat jättää bagit Jounin kaupan pysäkille rullakkoon)Äkäslompolo
8.7.2023 SATURDAY
00.00Start Of 100 KMPallas
02.0066 km the finish line will be closedPallas
9.00 - 13.45Bib PickupÄkäslompolo
12.00Start Of 37 KMÄkäslompolo
14.00Start Of 15 KMÄkäslompolo
18.00NUTS 300 the finish line closesÄkäslompolo
19.00Prize ceremony all distancesÄkäslompolo, maalialue | Finish line
n 20.45Loppuverkat Pub Selvä Pyyssä:
Krista Tiitinen Band
24.00160 km, 100 km, 37 km the finish line closesÄkäslompolo
Bus transportation to start line
* For those who have prebooked
3.7.2023 MON
NUTS Distance 300: Buses to race start location
7.30 Äkäslompolo event center (Tunturintie)
7.40 Lapland Hotels Äkäshotelli
8.00 Lapland Hotels Saaga (Ylläsjärvi)
Njurkulahti Driving time approx. 3h.
7.7.2023 FRI
Bus departs to 160, 66 & 100 km starts*
Buses to Hetta and Pallas starting points and parking areas
From Pallas – The Finish of The 66 km RaceThere is a free shuttle bus connection (no reservation needed) Pallas ➞ Äkäslompolo’s event centre on Fri-Sat between approx. 19.30 am – 02.15 am. Bus departs from Pallas approx. every half an hour. waiting time approx. 1 h. At the most rushed hours, the buses are leaving consecutively as soon as all the seating is ready. Drive time approx. 1 h

Breathe the clean air, go wild in the arctic nature, enjoy the run under the midnight sun and quiet in front of the endless fell landscape. All this together with a great flock of trail running enthusiasts from all around the world. These races will be exceptional and full Lapland experiences in for sure. 

NUTS Distance 300 by Black Diamond

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160 km

The season’s second challenge in the Ultra Trail Tour Finland series. The only one-way 100-miler (160 kms) in Finland takes you from Hetta to Äkäslompolo. All the mighty fells, arctic forests and the most beautiful trails of the country are gathered to the route, let alone the bright night.
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100 km

Approx. 100 km’s race from Pallas to Äkäslompolo shows you the magical arctic landscapes as their best. You get extra power to your performance from – besides the aid stations – the midnight sun and cheers of followers.
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66 km

The 66 kilometer’s race along the classic hiking route from Hetta to Pallas takes place in the evening too. Have a look at the endless fell landscape shaped by the latest ice ag.
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37 km

Are you looking for an intense fell adventure? The 37 kms race takes place at day time on Saturday. It’s shorter race than others but the loop takes you to the typical arctic nature of Lapland with its uphills and downhills in the beautiful area of Yllästunturi fell.
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15 km

The new 15 kilometer route runs from Äkäslompolo to the landscapes of Kellokas, Pirunkuru and Kesänki. The minimum age for the 15 km race is 12 years. 15 km Details Start Event center, Äkäslompolo Finish Event center, Äkäslompolo Distance approx. 15 km / +360 m ITRA Points 0 Minimum age 12 Course Records M W…
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NUTS 300

NUTS 300 3–8 July 2023 Longest. Wildest. Toughest. Participants GPS tracking : The unforgettable journey starts from Njurkulahti trailhead in Lemmenjoki National Park. It first follows a hiking trail to Morgamoja historical gold mining area. From Morgamoja it crosses old gold mining sites and leads to the deepest forests of the largest national park…
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Entry Fees

160 km100 km66 km37 km15 km
Until Dec 31 20221491191096937,90
Jan 1 – Jun 5 20231691391298959
Jun 6 – Jun 25 202318915914910969
Junnualennus osallistumismaksusta 1997 ja myöhemmin syntyneet-30%-30%-30%-30%-30%
Bus from Äkäslompolo to the start
Until Jun 25 / after
Registration changes and transfers Until Jun 25 / after0/170/170/170/170/17
All the prices are in euros and include 10% VAT. The participation eligibility for the distance you have chosen includes not only great race competitors but also drinks and energy refreshments. If you have to quit the race (DNF), the race organizer will transport you from the aid stations to the finish. The race organizer will deliver the spare bags of the 160 km and 100 km series' participans to the marked aid stations. The 66 km participants can leave their extra clothing needed till the start to be returned to the finish (kindly mark your belongings properly). Having reached the finish line in Äkäslompolo or Pallas, you’ll get to socialize with your fellow competitors while enjoying a bowl of soup. There will be a shower possibility at the finish area. Atmosphere pictures in the social media.


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