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  See more on Finnish page > 160 km 55 km Media Runner’s World Spain  Núria Picas, primera mujer en pisar la línea de meta en Finlandia La atleta destaca en una etapa la NUTS Ylläs Pallas, la ultratrail en la que no se pone el sol. Read the article


Be prepared to the equipment check

When you arrive to collect your race materials from the race office, remember to bring along your packed race backbag or vest. We will check your mandatory equipments before delivering your race materials. All runners must pick-up their materials personally.   Equipment Checks You must carry all the mandatory equipment from the start to the […]


Force Majeure – Changes on the 160 km and 55 km routes!

According to Metsähallitus (National Parks and Wildlife Service Finland) the well in Hannukuru (the aid station on 160km and 55km) is contaminated by a bacteria. That’s why there’s no access to drinking water in Hannukuru. We have now changed the location of the aid station, so that we can serve you with clean water. The […]


Services at the aid stations

At all aid stations we serve water, sports drink, bananas, chocolate, biscuits, chips and pickled cucumbers (excluding the two water-only aid-stations: Kotamaja 1 and Kotamaja 2). For the 160 km runners: At the Pallas aid station (drop bag station) we would provide various additional drinks (coffee, tea, Coca-Cola, non-alcoholic beer). As a dinner runners have […]


Transports During The Event

Transports to and from the different event locations during the event by the event organization Charter buses to the starts in Hetta and in Pallas You can buy a charter bus ticket to Hetta or Pallas at the same time you register into a race or afterwards via your personal self-service link. Charter buses to […]

11.7.2019 THURSDAY
18.00–22.00Numeroiden jako kaikki matkat / Bib Pickup all distancesÄkäslompolo
12.7.2019 FRIDAY
08.00–10.00Numeroiden jako kaikki matkat / Bib Pickup all distancesÄkäslompolo
11.00–17.00Numeroiden jako kaikki matkat / Bib Pickup all distancesÄkäslompolo
12.00160 KM LÄHTÖ / START OF 160 KMHetta
18.0055 KM LÄHTÖ / START OF 55 KMHetta
18.00-22.30Numeroiden jako / Bib Pickup Äkäslompolo
13.7.2019 SATURDAY
00.00105 KM LÄHTÖ / START OF 105Pallas
06.0055 km the finish line will be closedPallas
9.00 - 11.30Numeroiden jako / Bib Pickup 37 kmÄkäslompolo
12.0037 KM LÄHTÖ / START OF 37 KMÄkäslompolo
20.00Groove Brothers Band ruoka- ja juomateltassa / in the "bistro" tentÄkäslompolo
22.00Palkintojenjako kaikki matkat / Prize ceremony all distancesÄkäslompolo
22.20Groove Brothers Band
ruoka- ja juomateltassa / in the "bistro" tent
24.00160 km, 105 km, 37 km the finish line will be closedÄkäslompolo
Event buses
For those who have prebooked
FRIBussi 160 km lähtöön / Bus departs to 160 km start
Ylläsjärvi Lapland Hotel Saaga 9.00,
Lapland Hotels Äkäshotelli 9.15,
Äkäslompolo Jounin Kauppakeskus (Tunturintie) 9.20.

Bussit 55 km lähtöön / Buses departs to 55 km start
Ylläsjärvi Lapland Hotel Saaga 14.30,
Lapland Hotels Äkäshotelli 14.45,
Äkäslompolo Jounin Kauppakeskus (Tunturintie) 14.50.

Bussit 105 km lähtöön / Buses departs to 105 km start
Ylläsjärvi Lapland Hotel Saaga 21.45,
Lapland Hotels Äkäshotelli 22.00,
Äkäslompolo Jounin Kauppakeskus (Tunturintie) 22.05.

See also Transports During The Event

There are split timing points at all the aid stations – except at Kotamaja 1 ja Kotamaja 2. The access to GSM network will affect on the data transfer.