Ultra-Trail® World Tour UTWT Discovery RaceThe Ultra-Trail® World Tour (UTWT) is the union of the most iconic events of trail-running in the world. It is an invitation to travel the world and to participate, at least once in one’s life, in one of those mythical events. It provides runners the opportunity to discover a variety of format and setting of long distance trail-running races, sources of exceptional cultural enrichment and unforgettable experiences in many different locations of the world.

NUTS Ylläs Pallas was joined officially the UTWT as Discovery Race Series in 2017. Join us for an ultra-trail run in the cleanest air of continental Europe, with the chance to meet reindeer and other arctic wildlife. Our 160 km’s race is the UTWT Discovery Race in 2019.

The new label ‘UTWT Discovery Race’ is truly an invitation to travel, dicsover new cultures and experiences. The ‘Discovery Races’ don’t count for the competition and this is not the reason why runners from all over the world will come. They will choose NUTS Ylläs Pallas because they are assured that the race is an experience by itself, well organized and safe.

Please visit UTWT:www.ultratrail-worldtour.com