Services at the aid stations

At all aid stations we serve water, sports drink, bananas, chocolate, chips and pickled cucumbers (excluding the two water-only aid-stations: Kotamaja 1 and Kotamaja 2).

For the 160 km runners:

At the Pallas aid station (spare bag station) we would provide various additional drinks (coffee, tea, Coca-Cola). As a dinner runners have also possibility to boost themselves up with soup or vegan friendly vegetable soup. Hot water is also available.

At the Peurakaltio aid station (spare bag station) there’s porridge (instant), noodles, various pizzas, coffee, tea and sports drink being lemon from Chimpanzee. The staff will warm prepared pizzas on demand. As in Pallas aid station, here’s also hot water for those in need.

When you have reached the finish line we serve you some  soup and snacks.

At the all aid stations we have tried to take care of vegans, gluten-free diets, milk allergy, lactose intolerance and chocolate allergy. Please, let the staff know your special diet to get suitable snacks.