Route changes for trails of 2021

We are constantly developing our event based on the feedback, increased attendance and general changes in local routes. Next summer there will be two route changes that will affect the distances:

  • After the changes 58 km route is 66 km
  • After the changes 107 km route is 100 km
  • 160 km remains the same, but there are two changes on the route.

66 km (old 58 km) and 160 km: Hetta-Pallas -trail rerouted via Ketomella

From the wilderness hut of Tappuri, the trail from Hetta will turn towards Ketomella and rise back to the fells through the magnificent coniferous trails of Lake Hietajärvi. In addition to the stunning scenery on the new route, the second aid station moves to the easily accessible Ketomella. This is to improve the quality of services on aid station as well as the safety of the participants as the possibilities for evacuation improves. New aid station is also accessible to encouragers and allows the participants to organise their own support and maintenance.

Due to increased distance, the time barrier on the 66km trail is now set to 14 hours.

100 km (old 107 km) and 160 km: Pallas–Äkäslompolo

Loop to Kukas fell is removed and from now on, the route continues from the Kotamaja hut directly towards lake Kesänki.