Chance to bound from NUTS Ylläs Pallas to Western State 100 in USA

Good news for those who are aiming for the US races!
No need for the headlamp at the night time! – NUTS Ylläs Pallas 2019 Ⓒ Lluìs Toll Riera

The Western States 100 race has awarded the qualifying race status to the two longest courses of the NUTS Ylläs Pallas 2020 event – as the first ultra-races in Finland. The Western States 100 (or WSER) is the world’s oldest 100-mile race held annually in California, USA.

By running the 105km race in 22 hours or the 160km race in 36 hours, you will get a chance to participate the entry lottery of WSER 2021. The WSER will share the places by drawing lots in December 2020. Please, notice that you have to submit the application to the entry process by yourself.

As usual, the NUTS Ylläs Pallas races continue to qualify for the European top trailrunning event – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB®).

For long-distance lovers, here’s some more exercise motivation to NUTS Ylläs Pallas.

Through Pallas and Ylläs to Squaw Valley and thence to Auburn.

Everything is possible!


Midnight while a polar day – NUTS Ylläs Pallas 2019 Ⓒ Rami Valonen