(English) Brief handout for 55 km runners how to get yourself to NUTS Pallas

Check list is based you come via Helsinki

Book yourself a ticket from Helsinki (IATA: HEL) either to Rovaniemi (RVN) or Kittilä (KTT)

  1. Rovaniemi, RVN: You can come as late as on Friday 15th July on Finnair’s flight departing from HEL at 12.05 hrs arriving to RVN at 13.20 hrs. Kittilä, KTT: only one flight per day where flight on Thursday departs from HEL at 17.00 hrs arriving to KTT at 19.35 hrs.
  2. Rental car should be booked in advance to Rovaniemi or Kittilä (check our Europcar offer; booking code 52526860)
  3. Add destination “Lapland Hotel Pallas” to your navigator. Address is Pallastunturintie, 99330 Pallastunturi. Booking.
  4. Drive takes about three hours from RVN and one hour from KTT, meaning you should be at Pallas before 18.00 hrs and if coming from Kittilä, around 20.00 hrs. This however is still question mark and depends from Lappish rush hour, either man made by very few other drivers on same road or from one to thousands of reindeers blocking your way by standing in the middle of the road doing absolutely nothing. For those registering to race we can send a set of Finnish curse words to be used for reindeers. Not that it helps at all but those might have if properly used, some soothing value for yourself. You can also check youtube by searching “poroja tiellä” (reindeers on road): Some very good examples on both; meeting reindeers on road and graphic Finnish language used when meeting occurs.
  5. In case you arrive to point where your navigator says you have reached your destination but you’re still in the middle of nowhere and there’s no hotel in sight just continue forward; hotel is at the very end of the road.
  6. Start of 55 km is set to Saturday 16th 12.00 hrs so you have a bit of time to hang around. Yes, noted – Pallas is pretty much in the middle of nowhere but there’s plenty of Europe’s cleanest air to enjoy and if history have anything to say, quite a few reindeers killing time in front of the hotel to take pictures (if needed).

Cost difference between these two flight options as of date are about 150 € to RVN and 420 € to KTT (return ticket to HEL).

Remember to book a seat to the bus taking you back from finish to hotel Pallas from MyNextRun.

There are also hotel options available from Hetta (finish point for both 55 and 134 km) where “Enontekiö Tourist information” is able to provide more information. Unfortunately Lapland Hotel Hetta seems to be already fully booked.