Force Majeure – Changes on the 160 km and 55 km routes!

According to Metsähallitus (National Parks and Wildlife Service Finland) the well in Hannukuru (the aid station on 160km and 55km) is contaminated by a bacteria. That’s why there’s no access to drinking water in Hannukuru.

We have now changed the location of the aid station, so that we can serve you with clean water. The substitutive aid station is called Hietajärvi. Now all the drinks and snacks are served at Hietajärvi instead of Hannukuru. There will be 29 kilometers left from Hietajärvi to Pallas (the finish of 55 km).

At the Hietajärvi aid station there are no (dry) toilets, but you can use dry toilets when you pass the hut and the fire place a few kilometers later in Hannukuru.

We have updated the linked gps files of the 160 and 55 kilometers routes. ➞ 55 km and 160 km

Ⓒ Guillem Casanova Photography