Changes to the Aid Station services of the 160 km

The Drop Bag aid stations will locate at Pallas & at Peurakaltio

Due to reasons related to the access to electricity, we have had to change the location of the Drop Bag aid station. The Drop Bag aid station will locate at Pallas (55,3 km) instead of prior informed Rauhala (76,3 km). This change affects to the runners of 160 km only.

Detailed information about the aid stations here “Aid Stations and Time Charts”.

Edited June 6th at 2 pm: 

By popular demand, there will be a second Drop Bag aid station at Peurakaltio (101,4 km) for the runners of the 160 km. Thus there will be two Drop Bag aid stations on the course of the 160 km: Pallas and Peurakaltio.

Note: There will be only water service at these aid stations: Kotamaja 1 and Kotamaja 2.

Ⓒ Guillem Casanova Photography