Joshua Feresh haastaa suomalaiset NUTS Ylläs Pallas 2017 polkujuoksussa

Introducing 55km runner Joshua Ferenc (US)

As the NUTS Ylläs Pallas 2017 is getting closer, it’s time to introduce some of the runners for everyone. Here comes Joshua Ferenc!  Josh comes from Athens, VT, United States.

Hi Josh! Please tell us a bit how did You started Your running?

I have been running since I was 15 years old. I started to run to get in shape for basketball season. I had some minor success but the team I was on was one of the top teams in the country. I enjoyed the competition and being successful, so I dedicated my next summer to training a little more serious, became one of the top runners in my region of the USA. I was getting recruited a bit for basketball, but a lot for my running successes. I chose a college, Keene State College, to run and play basketball. Keene was one of the top running programs in the country, and I was on the varsity as a freshman, and my running took off to another level. In a matter of a year at Keene State, I was one of the top runners in the country.

How did You get into trail running?

I got into trail and mountain running through encouragement of my college coach right after my track season was over. I always loved running hills and in the woods, so to race there was great! There were local mountain running races in my region with the best USA mountain runner at them. I competed in the series, and beat him at the New England Championships. I then went on to get 5th at the USA National Mountain Championships and qualified for the USA team that would travel to Italy. To make a national team is an amazing feeling.

What do You think about trail and sky running?

Sky Running is AWESOME! I love the idea of running in remote areas to the magnificent high points. After my first TeamUSA National Team selection, I wanted to race and travel more to race. Sky running was just the next steps in my development as an emerging Ultra runner.

Tell us a bit from Your running travels to Europe

I have run at two World Mountain Marathon championships (Switzerland and Poland), and love the feeling of racing in the mountains. It feels primal and natural.

I have been to Italy (to race), and traveled to France for this race. I’ve raced in The Netherlands for the World 50k Road Championships. I have raced in Switzerland and Poland in back to back years.

Europe has a different feel than the USA, and the small villages in remote or high regions are great.

As You don’t have trips so far to Finland this makes us to ask how did You find NUTS Ylläs Pallas? Any thoughts?

I found out about NUTS Ylläs Pallas through a link I clicked on the internet! Haha. A photo of the race scenery popped up and I wanted to know where it was. It looked amazing and beautiful!

I expect Finland to be BAD ASS AWESOME!!! I do not have a lot of knowledge of Finland other than Lasse Viren! I am a science teacher here in USA and can’t wait to see Lapland! It is an outdoorsman’s dream. I have traveled through Europe before, but never the Scandinavian Region. I feel like it could be like Game of Thrones, north of the Wall (I’m a HUGE GoT fan).

Tell us a bit from Your training; how often and what would You consider as Your best training run?

Ideally, I will train and run twice a day. I like a morning run and an afternoon run. Typically, I do some workouts, and race often. Days I feel good, I run fast, and days I need a rest, I run slow. I run my best when I’m running 80-100+ miles a week. This usually happens when I am on holiday from teaching. My best training run is any run I run fast on. The best feeling is being fit and attacking the run.

Please tell us some of Your best experiences. Also, worst ones are always nice ones to share… 🙂

My best experience would have to be traveling outside of the USA. I recently went to Colombia and it was unbelievable. I really loved the mountains of Switzerland, it made me feel like I was in a fairy tale. My worst experience is still a grateful experience. At the 50k World Championships in The Netherlands, I was in 4th place with 15k to go. With 12k to go I moved up with the guy in 3rd. I thought I had a chance to be top 3 in the world! I had a miss step and my leg cramped up. I had to walk / hobble the last 5k, and ended up finishing 17th. I was devastated. It did not take away from the race experience or my trip, it was just unfortunate.

What’s Your motto?

My motto: Wild Neoteny!!! This is my own signature brand, and way of life. Neoteny is the ability to always be full of youthful life, laugh and have fun, while always being in nature. Being wild, is about staying connected to my roots of the universe and nature. Add those together and you get me: Wild Neoteny!

NUTS team wishes best of luck, feeling as well as race weather for Josh and everyone coming to starting line!