Here we go!

The increasing popularity of trail running in the fells of Lapland under the magical midnight sun is evident as for the first time we’ll see over one thousand runners participating in this year’s NUTS Ylläs Pallas presented by Garmin & La Sportiva -event.

Due to exceptionally warm and sunny weather conditions this summer the trail conditions are excellent. However, the warm weather might pose another challenge as the weather forecasts are predicting unusually hot conditions with temperatures approaching near +30 Celsius.  Staying properly hydrated during the race might prove out to be a crucial factor, possibly effecting even the outcome of the race among the top runners.

No matter if you are a top runner or just an ‘adventure seeker’ in the event, it’s important to understand that the races takes place in the willderness area with limited access to outside assistance. Do not underestimate the risks of hot weather like dehydration, heat stroke, electrolyte imbalances and sun burns.

© Aapo Laiho

International vibes

We are delighted that the event has gathered together nearly 100 different nationalities, some of them even coming from as far as Japan, Hong Kong and North America.

Ultra-Trail World Tour Discovery Race, 134 km

The course follows the popular hiking course from Ylläs via Pallas to Hetta summiting several fells.

Some notable runners to watch could be Mira Hämäläinen-Iho, Piia Siitonen and Riikka Tulppo in the female race category. Antti Itkonen, Jaakko Eskelinen and Tomi Mikkola are expected to be top finishers in the male race category.

Buff Trail Tour Finland Race, 55 km

Henri Ansio (7th Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2018 & 4th Trailrunning World Championships 2017) is the biggest favorite to win. Amongst other challengers are Jussi Nokelainen, Pekka Itävuo and Janne Hietala in the male category.

In the female category some of the favorites are Maija Oravamäki, Oona Hilkamo, Julia Silvennoinen and Irina Nousiainen.

Short race, 30 km

It will be an interesting battle between a top skyrunner Eugeni Gil from Spain and Jere Pajunen. They have competed once before in Limone Skyrace 2017 where Pajunen finished ahead of Gil by 15 minutes.

Other expected podium candidates are Hannu-Pekka Pukema and Leo Laakkonen to name a few.

In the female category winner candidates include Johanka Šimkoválta (Czech Republic, but residing in Lapland, Finland), Minna Ahola, Milka Reponen and Sonja Kyrölä.